Dedicated Development Center/Team


With the changing economic needs, businesses these days have specific needs which they need to be fulfilled. The software is an integral part of managing businesses and building a professional and hard working dedicated team of software engineer can help you prove and enhance your business with developers which are top quality and those who can get to a level with your unique business needs and requirements.

We here at Skilum can help you achieve these goals and establish amazing teams of expert dedicated developers that can work under with project management of the consumer.

In this way, this dedicated team of professionals will be the visual extension of your in-house staff with a greater understanding of your business needs and requirements. Also, they will recognize how to respond to goals and aims of your business.


Characteristics and benefits

If you’re interested, you can consider this delivery model if

  • You have more than one transactional project for panned engagement.
  • The needs and requirements in a project are changing and evolving in terms of specifications and priorities.
  • You wish to concentrate on the core business activities.
  • You are in need of a professional team of dedicated developers providing ongoing services.

Key features of the Dedicated Team model comprise of

  • 100% dedicated resource at your disposal
  • Talent procurement as per your requests
  • Full-Time Employee basis
  • Long-term interactions
  • Assured confidentiality, Privacy, and data security
  • Back office operations controlled by Skilum whereas our client copes with the project.

Characteristics and benefits

Having a team at your disposal is a great opportunity which works perfectly with your business needs. Here are a few benefits you may observe while working with us.

  • You will have an easy and prompt contact with a wide choice of engineers with exceptional skill-set and huge proficiency.
  • You will get a facility to scale team size when you want a modification.
  • The Eventual project, as well as product decision, will be made by the consumer.
  • The facility to include a Project Manager or a Team Lead who designs and makes the working practice for the Dedicated Team and assures that the design is being followed properly.
  • You will get a direct control over technological and management verdicts which are prepared in relation to your project prerequisites and business ideas.
  • You will observe cost optimization from engaging specialized engineers from Eastern Europe matched to the rate of on-shore means.

Round-the-clock efficiency


Being in different time zone really helps. With a 24/7 work cycle, it becomes possible for us to provide you with an uninterrupted service for a better working relationship. Also, you get an added benefit since we take care of meeting and office spaces, payroll, legal affairs, facilities, social and tea building events and much more.

Enhance your business by hiring the best team of dedicated team professionals which will ensure that your goals are achieved at the desired time without extra expenditure.

A dedicated development center is a cost-efficient model which allows businesses to get their work done with the help of a dedicated team of professionals.